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gold jewelry, Colombian Emerald Diamond Earrings 1.80 CTW 18K Yellow Gold Fine Jewelry Muzo Mines



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Colombia jewelryn Emera jewelryld Ea jewelryrrings Set in 18K Gold 2 Na jewelrytura jewelryl Step Squa jewelryre Cut Emera jewelrylds / Size ~ 1.25 Ca jewelryra jewelryts Color ~ Medium Brillia jewelrynt Green / Cla jewelryrity ~ Type 3 32 Round Brillia jewelrynt Dia jewelrymonds / Size ~ .55 Ca jewelryra jewelryt Tota jewelryl Weight Color ~ D - E / Cla jewelryrity ~ VS1 - VS2Meta jewelryl ~ 18K Yellow Solid Gold / Weight ~ 7.10 Gra jewelryms Bea jewelryutiful ~ Elega jewelrynt ~ Cla jewelryssic Very Comforta jewelryble to Wea jewelryr Mea jewelrysurementsRise a jewelrybove Ea jewelryr/ Thickness ~ 5.85 mm (0.230.5 inches)Ea jewelryst to West ~ 10.69 mm (0.421 Inches)North to South ~ 10.74 mm (0.423 inches) Estima jewelryted Reta jewelryil Repla jewelrycement Va jewelrylue $12,400.00Feel free to Ema jewelryil a jewelryny questions you ma jewelryy ha jewelryve. All Jewelry Purcha jewelrysed is Certified by a jewelry GIA GemologistEmera of the extra jewelryordina jewelryry a jewelrynd most bea jewelryutiful gemstones found in na jewelryture!Cha jewelryra jewelrycteristics of Emera jewelryldsGeologica jewelrylly spea jewelryking, Colombia jewelryn emera jewelrylds a jewelryre sa jewelryid to be the purest emera jewelrylds in the world beca jewelryuse Colombia jewelryn emera jewelryld deposits a jewelryre the only ones on ea jewelryrth found in sedimenta jewelryry host rock ra jewelryther tha jewelryn in Igneous rock. The tectonic movements tha jewelryt crea jewelryted the Andes Mounta jewelryins force the ra jewelryw ma jewelryteria jewelryls of emera jewelrylds\u2014beryllium, chromium, a jewelrynd va jewelryna jewelrydium\u2014found in the ground into liquid a jewelrynd ga jewelryseous sta jewelrytes. These ma jewelryteria jewelryls, in such sta jewelrytes, find their wa jewelryy into cra jewelrycks in the a jewelrylrea jewelrydy sedimenta jewelryry medium surrounding them a jewelrynd then eventua jewelrylly cool a jewelrynd crysta jewelryllize. A sa jewelryline solution found in the sedimenta jewelryry rock eventua jewelrylly wa jewelryshes out impurities such a jewelrys iron tha jewelryt cloud other beryls from forming onto the crysta jewelryllizing stone. This intrica jewelryte process produces the emera jewelrylds found in the mines of Colombia jewelry. An emera jewelryld is a jewelryctua jewelrylly a jewelry beryllium stone tha jewelryt owes its specia jewelryl color to beryllium, chromium, a jewelrynd va jewelryna jewelrydium, a jewelryll of which a jewelryre chemica jewelryl elements tha jewelryt a jewelryre very sca jewelryrce, a jewelrynd the rea jewelryson for the color of a jewelryn emera jewelryld. Colombia jewelryn emera jewelrylds a jewelryre much sought a jewelryfter, a jewelrynd not just beca jewelryuse of their superb qua jewelrylity a jewelrynd color. A gem's va jewelrylue depends upon its size, purity, color a jewelrynd brillia jewelrynce. Even when they a jewelryre mined in the sa jewelryme a jewelryrea jewelry, ea jewelrych individua jewelryl emera jewelryld ha jewelrys its own unique look tha jewelryt sets it a jewelrypa jewelryrt from the rest. Da jewelryrk green is considered to be the most bea jewelryutiful, sca jewelryrce, a jewelrynd va jewelrylua jewelryble color for emera jewelrylds. An emera jewelryld of this color is considered ra jewelryre a jewelrynd is only found in the deepest mines of Colombia jewelry.Emera jewelrylds\u2026WE WELCOME YOUR QUESTIONS & COMMENTSTHANK YOU!AN EDUCATED CONSUMER IS OUR BEST CUSTOMER

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