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18k gold pendant, Colombian Emerald Pendant Round 3.20 Ct Solitaire 18K Yellow Gold Fine Jewelry Muzo Mines



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Colombia 18k pendantn Emera 18k pendantld Penda 18k pendantnt Set in 18K Yellow Gold 1 Na 18k pendanttura 18k pendantl Round Emera 18k pendantld / Size ~ 3.20 Ca 18k pendantra 18k pendantt Color ~ Light-Green / Cla 18k pendantrity ~ Type 3 Meta 18k pendantl ~ 18K Yellow Solid Gold / Weight ~ 3.60 Gra 18k pendantms Da 18k pendantzzling ~ Brillia 18k pendantnt & Unique Penda 18k pendantnt Mea 18k pendantsurement North to South including Ba 18k pendantil ~ 13.31 mm (0.5244 Inches)Ea 18k pendantst to West a 18k pendantt Widest section ~ 13.21 mm (0.5204 Inches)Ma 18k pendantximum Cha 18k pendantin size ~ 5.00 mm (0.1970 inches) Gold Cha 18k pendantin Not Included Estima 18k pendantted Reta 18k pendantil Repla 18k pendantcement Va 18k pendantlue $6,320.00Feel free to Ema 18k pendantil a 18k pendantny questions you ma 18k pendanty ha 18k pendantve.All Jewelry purcha 18k pendantsed is certified by a 18k pendant GIA GemologistEmera 18k pendantlds\u2026one of the extra 18k pendantordina 18k pendantry a 18k pendantnd most bea 18k pendantutiful gemstones found in na 18k pendantture!Cha 18k pendantra 18k pendantcteristics of Emera 18k pendantldsGeologica 18k pendantlly spea 18k pendantking, Colombia 18k pendantn emera 18k pendantlds a 18k pendantre sa 18k pendantid to be the purest emera 18k pendantlds in the world beca 18k pendantuse Colombia 18k pendantn emera 18k pendantld deposits a 18k pendantre the only ones on ea 18k pendantrth found in sedimenta 18k pendantry host rock ra 18k pendantther tha 18k pendantn in Igneous rock. The tectonic movements tha 18k pendantt crea 18k pendantted the Andes Mounta 18k pendantins force the ra 18k pendantw ma 18k pendantteria 18k pendantls of emera 18k pendantlds\u2014beryllium, chromium, a 18k pendantnd va 18k pendantna 18k pendantdium\u2014found in the ground into liquid a 18k pendantnd ga 18k pendantseous sta 18k pendanttes. These ma 18k pendantteria 18k pendantls, in such sta 18k pendanttes, find their wa 18k pendanty into cra 18k pendantcks in the a 18k pendantlrea 18k pendantdy sedimenta 18k pendantry medium surrounding them a 18k pendantnd then eventua 18k pendantlly cool a 18k pendantnd crysta 18k pendantllize. A sa 18k pendantline solution found in the sedimenta 18k pendantry rock eventua 18k pendantlly wa 18k pendantshes out impurities such a 18k pendants iron tha 18k pendantt cloud other beryls from forming onto the crysta 18k pendantllizing stone. This intrica 18k pendantte process produces the emera 18k pendantlds found in the mines of Colombia 18k pendant.An emera 18k pendantld is a 18k pendantctua 18k pendantlly a 18k pendant beryllium stone tha 18k pendantt owes its specia 18k pendantl color to beryllium, chromium, a 18k pendantnd va 18k pendantna 18k pendantdium, a 18k pendantll of which a 18k pendantre chemica 18k pendantl elements tha 18k pendantt a 18k pendantre very sca 18k pendantrce, a 18k pendantnd the rea 18k pendantson for the color of a 18k pendantn emera 18k pendantld. Colombia 18k pendantn emera 18k pendantlds a 18k pendantre much sought a 18k pendantfter, a 18k pendantnd not just beca 18k pendantuse of their superb qua 18k pendantlity a 18k pendantnd color. A gem's va 18k pendantlue depends upon its size, purity, color a 18k pendantnd brillia 18k pendantnce. Even when they a 18k pendantre mined in the sa 18k pendantme a 18k pendantrea 18k pendant, ea 18k pendantch individua 18k pendantl emera 18k pendantld ha 18k pendants its own unique look tha 18k pendantt sets it a 18k pendantpa 18k pendantrt from the rest. Da 18k pendantrk green is considered to be the most bea 18k pendantutiful, sca 18k pendantrce, a 18k pendantnd va 18k pendantlua 18k pendantble color for emera 18k pendantlds. An emera 18k pendantld of this color is considered ra 18k pendantre a 18k pendantnd is only found in the deepest mines of Colombia 18k pendant.WE WELCOME YOUR QUESTIONS & COMMENTSTHANK YOU!AN EDUCATED CONSUMER IS OUR BEST CUSTOMER

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