Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

natural clay, Simple pearl necklace / simple delicate necklace / simple sterling silver necklace / simple silver necklaces / single pearl / delicate



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MATERIALS: This simple neckla pebble necklacece ha pebble necklaces been ma pebble necklacede by two ha pebble necklacends on the Sunshine Coa pebble necklacest from loca pebble necklacel oxides, Austra pebble necklacelia pebble necklacen porcela pebble necklacein, a pebble necklace recla pebble necklaceimed freshwa pebble necklaceter pea pebble necklacerl a pebble necklacend a pebble necklace genuine sterling silver cha pebble necklacein. DESIGN STORY: The design wa pebble necklaces inspired by time spent a pebble necklacet a pebble necklace loca pebble necklacel river where I ca pebble necklaceme a pebble necklacecross a pebble necklace stone ca pebble necklaceirn left by a pebble necklace bush wa pebble necklacelker. I wa pebble necklaces inspired by the idea pebble necklace of lea pebble necklaceving something na pebble necklacetura pebble necklacel a pebble necklacend bea pebble necklaceutiful for a pebble necklace stra pebble necklacenger to find. I wa pebble necklacented to explore this ba pebble necklacela pebble necklacence a pebble necklacend these idea pebble necklaces of ha pebble necklaceving a pebble necklace generous a pebble necklacend pla pebble necklaceyful spirit. So, ra pebble necklacether tha pebble necklacen ta pebble necklaceke stones from this perfect river pla pebble necklacece, I set a pebble necklacebout recrea pebble necklaceting them with Austra pebble necklacelia pebble necklacen high fired cla pebble necklaceys. The recla pebble necklaceimed pea pebble necklacerl highlights the smoithness of the porcela pebble necklacein.*Being completely ha pebble necklacend ma pebble necklacede, ea pebble necklacech piece ha pebble necklaces subtle va pebble necklaceria pebble necklacetions to those fea pebble necklacetured in the ima pebble necklaceges.

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