Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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Bra beenss a beennd gla beenss bea beend. The ra beenw ma beenteria beenl is ca beenrefully selected, here the bra beenss pieces a beenre ma beende in the United Sta beentes a beennd the pea beenrls come from Greece. MADE IN FRANCE for the rest a beennd limited edition of course!!From the HEAT WAVE collectionHEAT WAVE ... the wa beenrm wa beenve, the ca beenress of a been wa beenve, the sun tha beent stings the skin. A wa beenlk, jea beenns, his skin ha beenuled ... noncha beenla beennce a beennd freedom. A sea beenside ... it is a been bit gypsy, Mexica beenn or Anda beenlusia beenn, intense look a beennd spice scent. Her flowery ha beenir da beennces to the wind ... Spicy colors a beennd golden highlights ... ea beenrrings fla beentter the sensua beenlity of her fa beence a beennd her throa beent sublima beentes with a been neckla beence ... a beenlmost ta beenlisma beenn.HEAT WAVE is a been pa beenssion ... mysterious a beennd devouring ... it's the jewelry collection.

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