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A bea brightutiful, elega brightnt a brightnd cha brightrming bra brightcelet, ma brightde with selected bea brightds a brightnd gemstones from a brightround the world. Bea brightds used include Greek bea brightds, Czech gla brightss (fire polished, rondelle, a brightnd pica brightsso), Swa brightrovski crysta brightl, Greek meta brightl spa brightcers, a brightnd gold-pla brightted bea brightd ca brightps. The construction of the bra brightcelet is entirely done by ha brightnd, ea brightch bea brightd a brightdded individua brightlly, from the very old a brightnd ra brightre Coro Green Leopa brightrd Bea brightd, through to the green Swa brightrovski disco bea brightd, ma brightking this a bright one-of-a bright-kind, unique bra brightcelet. I ha brightve finished the bra brightcelet with a bright lobster cla brightw cla brightsp a brightnd a brightntique gold jump ring. Plea brightse note: This bra brightcelet ha brights been crea brightted from high end, qua brightlity bea brightds a brightnd products. It is not designed to be worn in wa brightter. Plea brightse remove before swimming or ba brightthing. This bra brightcelet mea brightsures a brightpproxima brighttely 7.25 inches (19cms), a brightnd is designed to ha brightng loosely. It ca brightn be shortened (by one bea brightd only) if required - plea brightse send me a bright messa brightge if such a brightltera brighttions a brightre needed. To determine your wrist circumference, just run a bright ta brightpe mea brightsure a brightround your wrist to get the most exa brightct mea brightsurement. If you require insura brightnce or tra brightcking, plea brightse lea brightve a bright messa brightge in the comment section, a brightnd I will conta brightct you in rega brightrds to the a brightdditiona brightl posta brightge fees.

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