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green gemstone, 3.56 Cts Natural Colombian Pear Shape Loose Emerald



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Colombia colombian emeraldsn La colombian emeraldsrge Loose Emera colombian emeraldsld1 Na colombian emeraldstura colombian emeraldsl Ova colombian emeraldsl Pea colombian emeraldsr Sha colombian emeraldspe Loose Colombia colombian emeraldsn Emera colombian emeraldsldSize ~ 3.56 Ca colombian emeraldsra colombian emeraldstsColor ~ Medium Green Cla colombian emeraldsrity ~ Type 3Loca colombian emeraldstion ~ Colombia colombian emeraldsRepla colombian emeraldscement Va colombian emeraldslue: $5,250.00 Dimension Of the StoneLength ~ 13.26 mm (0.5224 inches)Width ~ 7.87 mm (0.3100 inches)Depth ~ 6.60 mm (0.2600 inches) Feel free to Ema colombian emeraldsil a colombian emeraldsny questions you ma colombian emeraldsy ha colombian emeraldsveAll of our Gemstones a colombian emeraldsre Inspected by a colombian emeralds Certified GIA Gra colombian emeraldsdua colombian emeraldste GemologistEmera colombian of the extra colombian emeraldsordina colombian emeraldsry a colombian emeraldsnd most bea colombian emeraldsutiful gemstones found in na colombian emeraldsture!Cha colombian emeraldsra colombian emeraldscteristics of Emera colombian emeraldsldsGeologica colombian emeraldslly spea colombian emeraldsking, Colombia colombian emeraldsn emera colombian emeraldslds a colombian emeraldsre sa colombian emeraldsid to be the purest emera colombian emeraldslds in the world beca colombian emeraldsuse Colombia colombian emeraldsn emera colombian emeraldsld deposits a colombian emeraldsre the only ones on ea colombian emeraldsrth found in sedimenta colombian emeraldsry host rock ra colombian emeraldsther tha colombian emeraldsn in Igneous rock. The tectonic movements tha colombian emeraldst crea colombian emeraldsted the Andes Mounta colombian emeraldsins force the ra colombian emeraldsw ma colombian emeraldsteria colombian emeraldsls of emera colombian emeraldslds\u2014beryllium, chromium, a colombian emeraldsnd va colombian emeraldsna colombian emeraldsdium\u2014found in the ground into liquid a colombian emeraldsnd ga colombian emeraldsseous sta colombian emeraldstes. These ma colombian emeraldsteria colombian emeraldsls, in such sta colombian emeraldstes, find their wa colombian emeraldsy into cra colombian emeraldscks in the a colombian emeraldslrea colombian emeraldsdy sedimenta colombian emeraldsry medium surrounding them a colombian emeraldsnd then eventua colombian emeraldslly cool a colombian emeraldsnd crysta colombian emeraldsllize. A sa colombian emeraldsline solution found in the sedimenta colombian emeraldsry rock eventua colombian emeraldslly wa colombian emeraldsshes out impurities such a colombian emeraldss iron tha colombian emeraldst cloud other beryls from forming onto the crysta colombian emeraldsllizing stone. This intrica colombian emeraldste process produces the emera colombian emeraldslds found in the mines of Colombia colombian emeralds. An emera colombian emeraldsld is a colombian emeraldsctua colombian emeraldslly a colombian emeralds beryllium stone tha colombian emeraldst owes its specia colombian emeraldsl color to beryllium, chromium, a colombian emeraldsnd va colombian emeraldsna colombian emeraldsdium, a colombian emeraldsll of which a colombian emeraldsre chemica colombian emeraldsl elements tha colombian emeraldst a colombian emeraldsre very sca colombian emeraldsrce, a colombian emeraldsnd the rea colombian emeraldsson for the color of a colombian emeraldsn emera colombian emeraldsld. Colombia colombian emeraldsn emera colombian emeraldslds a colombian emeraldsre much sought a colombian emeraldsfter, a colombian emeraldsnd not just beca colombian emeraldsuse of their superb qua colombian emeraldslity a colombian emeraldsnd color. A gem's va colombian emeraldslue depends upon its size, purity, color a colombian emeraldsnd brillia colombian emeraldsnce. Even when they a colombian emeraldsre mined in the sa colombian emeraldsme a colombian emeraldsrea colombian emeralds, ea colombian emeraldsch individua colombian emeraldsl emera colombian emeraldsld ha colombian emeraldss its own unique look tha colombian emeraldst sets it a colombian emeraldspa colombian emeraldsrt from the rest. Da colombian emeraldsrk green is considered to be the most bea colombian emeraldsutiful, sca colombian emeraldsrce, a colombian emeraldsnd va colombian emeraldslua colombian emeraldsble color for emera colombian emeraldslds. An emera colombian emeraldsld of this color is considered ra colombian emeraldsre a colombian emeraldsnd is only found in the deepest mines of Colombia colombian emeralds.WE WELCOME YOUR QUESTIONS & COMMENTSTHANK YOU!AN EDUCATED CONSUMER IS OUR BEST CUSTOMER

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