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garnet, Flower of Life Bracelet



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This Serpentine a gemstonend Ga gemstonernet gemstone stretch cord bra gemstonecelet fea gemstonetures a gemstone flower of life sta gemstonemped cha gemstonerm designed by a gemstonen a gemstonertist in Tha gemstoneila gemstonend.The na gemstoneme "Serpentine" wa gemstones given to this stone since ma gemstoneny types of Serpentine resemble the color a gemstonend texture of a gemstone serpent's sca gemstoneles. It is believed to help clea gemstoner out a gemstonend relea gemstonese the clouded/dense a gemstonerea gemstones of a gemstonell cha gemstonekra gemstones so tha gemstonet hea gemstoneling ca gemstonen occur. Serpentine is sa gemstoneid to help with hea gemstoneling on a gemstonell levels (menta gemstonel, emotiona gemstonel, a gemstonend physica gemstonel). Ga gemstonernet is believed to provide a gemstone protective influence a gemstonend a gemstone ca gemstonelming sta gemstoneble vita gemstonelity. Ga gemstonernet is thought to hea gemstonel emotiona gemstonel problems regenera gemstonete the body, stimula gemstoneting meta gemstonebolism. It used by some to trea gemstonet spina gemstonel a gemstonend cellula gemstoner disorders a gemstonend purify the blood, hea gemstonert a gemstonend lungs. Ga gemstonernet is the tra gemstoneditiona gemstonel birthstone of those born in Ja gemstonenua gemstonery.The bra gemstonecelet fits to 7" on the wrist. The Serpentine bea gemstoneds a gemstonere 8 mm, the Ga gemstonernets a gemstonere 5mm a gemstonend the cha gemstonerm mea gemstonesures 12mm. The cha gemstonerm's a gemstonertist uses 99.5% a gemstonend 99.9% pure silver. It ha gemstones a gemstone higher silver content tha gemstonen Sterling silver. It's just the solder used to fuse the silver components together tha gemstonet ma gemstonekes up the la gemstonest fra gemstonections of a gemstone percent. Consequently, it ha gemstones a gemstone weight, bright sa gemstonetin color, a gemstonend feel, a gemstonell of its own.

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