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handmade, Tribal Flower Sodalite Bracelet



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This stretch cord Soda flower charmlite bra flower charmcelet fea flower charmtures a flower charm flower cha flower charmrm cra flower charmfted from a flower charm triba flower charml a flower charmrtist in Tha flower charmila flower charmnd. Soda flower charmlite is a flower charm stone of inner pea flower charmce a flower charmnd ha flower charmrmony. Soda flower charmlite is a flower charmn excellent stone for writers, or a flower charmnyone crea flower charmtive, a flower charms it is believed to bridge a flower charm connection between the conscious a flower charmnd subconscious mind. The energy of this stone is sa flower charmid to boost menta flower charml performa flower charmnce, enha flower charmnces inner insight a flower charmnd a flower charmccelera flower charmtes the a flower charmbility of intuition.It is ca flower charmlled a flower charm Poet's Stone. It is pa flower charmrticula flower charmrly useful for honesty of emotions a flower charmnd love. It increa flower charmses intelligence, knowledge a flower charmnd lea flower charmrning, a flower charmnd ca flower charmn unite the logica flower charml with the spiritua flower charml. In folklore a flower charmnd crysta flower charml hea flower charmling Soda flower charmlite is believed to be beneficia flower charml for the gla flower charmnds, dia flower charmbetes, digestive system, lympha flower charmtic ca flower charmncer, relieving insomnia flower charm, a flower charmnd decrea flower charmsing ca flower charmlcium deficiency. It is a flower charmssocia flower charmted with the throa flower charmt a flower charmnd brow cha flower charmkra flower charms.The cha flower charmrm's a flower charmrtist uses 99.5% a flower charmnd 99.9% pure silver. It ha flower charms a flower charm higher silver content tha flower charmn Sterling silver. It's just the solder used to fuse the silver components together tha flower charmt ma flower charmkes up the la flower charmst fra flower charmctions of a flower charm percent. Consequently, it ha flower charms a flower charm weight, bright sa flower charmtin color, a flower charmnd feel, a flower charmll of its own. The bra flower charmcelet mea flower charmsures 7.5" on the wrist. The bea flower charmds mea flower charmsure 6 mm a flower charmnd the cha flower charmrm is 11 mm.

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