Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

peruvian, Alpaca silver inka/mayan ceremonial pendant



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A stunning ha handmadendma handmadede penda handmadent. Bea handmadeutiful a handmadelpa handmadeca handmade silver meta handmadelwork a handmaderound a handmade la handmadepis la handmadezuli gemstone. Unique design. Decora handmadeted with la handmadepis bea handmadeds.For ceremonia handmadel use, or simply a handmades a handmade stunning piece of jewellery.Ha handmadend cra handmadefted by Peruvia handmaden a handmadertist a handmadend a handmadertisa handmaden, La handmademda handmade

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