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loose gemstones, 1.54 Cts Natural Colombian Oval Loose Emerald Muzo Mines



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1 Na loose stonetura loose stonel Ova loose stonel Loose Colombia loose stonen Emera loose stoneldSize ~ 1.54 Ca loose stonera loose stonetsColor ~ Medium Green Cla loose stonerity ~ Type 3loca loose stonetion ~ Colombia loose stone Dimension Of the StoneLength ~ 8.67 mm (3415 inches) Width ~ 7.12 mm (0.2805 inches) Depth ~ 4.55 mm (0,1792 inches) Estima loose stoneted Reta loose stoneil Repla loose stonecement Va loose stonelue $5,900.00All of our Gemstones a loose stonere Inspected by a loose stone Certified GIA Gra loose stonedua loose stonete GemologistEmera loose of the extra loose stoneordina loose stonery a loose stonend most bea loose stoneutiful gemstones found in na loose stoneture!{We Ca loose stonen Offer You A La loose stoney-A-Wa loose stoney Pla loose stonen. Plea loose stonese Inquire}Pa loose stoneyPa loose stonel ha loose stones a loose stone progra loose stonem ca loose stonelled "Bill me la loose stoneter". Up to 6 months interest FREE, a loose stonend you will receive the item immedia loose stonetely. Plea loose stonese conta loose stonect Pa loose stoneyPa loose stonel for deta loose stoneils.Feel free to Ema loose stoneil a loose stoneny questions you ma loose stoney ha loose stoneveCha loose stonera loose stonecteristics of Emera loose stoneldsGeologica loose stonelly spea loose stoneking, Colombia loose stonen emera loose stonelds a loose stonere sa loose stoneid to be the purest emera loose stonelds in the world beca loose stoneuse Colombia loose stonen emera loose stoneld deposits a loose stonere the only ones on ea loose stonerth found in sedimenta loose stonery host rock ra loose stonether tha loose stonen in Igneous rock. The tectonic movements tha loose stonet crea loose stoneted the Andes Mounta loose stoneins force the ra loose stonew ma loose stoneteria loose stonels of emera loose stonelds\u2014beryllium, chromium, a loose stonend va loose stonena loose stonedium\u2014found in the ground into liquid a loose stonend ga loose stoneseous sta loose stonetes. These ma loose stoneteria loose stonels, in such sta loose stonetes, find their wa loose stoney into cra loose stonecks in the a loose stonelrea loose stonedy sedimenta loose stonery medium surrounding them a loose stonend then eventua loose stonelly cool a loose stonend crysta loose stonellize. A sa loose stoneline solution found in the sedimenta loose stonery rock eventua loose stonelly wa loose stoneshes out impurities such a loose stones iron tha loose stonet cloud other beryls from forming onto the crysta loose stonellizing stone. This intrica loose stonete process produces the emera loose stonelds found in the mines of Colombia loose stone.Fine emera loose stonelds a loose stonere considered ra loose stonere a loose stonend a loose stonere only found in the deepest mines of Colombia loose stone Shipping a loose stonend Ha loose stonendlingShipping to: Worldwide ~ Free Shipping within the United Sta loose stonetesFree UPS Next Da loose stoney Air with Insura loose stonence. Exception: We will ship USPS Register Ma loose stoneil Return Receipt Insured. We will ship to the a loose stoneddress you ha loose stoneve registered with Pa loose stoneyPa loose stonel. To a loose stonevoid a loose stoneny inconvenience, we recommend a loose stonedding a loose stone work or a loose stonen a loose stonelterna loose stonete a loose stoneddress. We will provide tra loose stonecking informa loose stonetion a loose stones soon a loose stones the pa loose stoneyment clea loose stoners Pa loose stoneyPa loose stonel.Interna loose stonetiona loose stonel Buyers a loose stonere responsible for Customs/Ta loose stoneriff FeesReturn Policy Refund will be giving a loose stones Money ba loose stoneck ~ We will a loose stoneccept returns with in 30 da loose stoneys providing they ha loose stoneve not been a loose stoneltered, sized or da loose stonema loose stoneged ~ Plea loose stonese insure for full purcha loose stonese price ~ Buyer pa loose stoneys return shipping. we do not a loose stoneccept C.O.D. ~ Plea loose stonese ma loose stoneke sure to pa loose stonecka loose stonege items ca loose stonerefully We Welcome your Questions a loose stonend Comments Tha loose stonenk You! An educa loose stoneted consumer is our best Customer

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