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loose gemstones, 1.86 Cts Natural Colombian Square Loose Emerald



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1 Na square emeraldtura square emeraldl Squa square emeraldre Loose Colombia square emeraldn Emera square emeraldld Size ~ 1.86 Ca square emeraldra square emeraldtsColor ~ Medium Green Cla square emeraldrity ~ Type 3loca square emeraldtion ~ Colombia square emeraldRepla square emeraldcement Va square emeraldlue: $6,000.00Dimension Of the StoneLength ~ 8.12 mm (0.3199 inches) Width ~ 6.84 mm (0.2694 inches)Depth ~ 5.00 mm (0.1971 inches) Feel free to Ema square emeraldil a square emeraldny questions you ma square emeraldy ha square emeraldveAll of our Gemstones a square emeraldre Inspected by a square emerald Certified GIA Gra square emeralddua square emeraldte GemologistEmera square of the extra square emeraldordina square emeraldry a square emeraldnd most bea square emeraldutiful gemstones found in na square emeraldture!Cha square emeraldra square emeraldcteristics of Emera square emeraldldsGeologica square emeraldlly spea square emeraldking, Colombia square emeraldn emera square emeraldlds a square emeraldre sa square emeraldid to be the purest emera square emeraldlds in the world beca square emeralduse Colombia square emeraldn emera square emeraldld deposits a square emeraldre the only ones on ea square emeraldrth found in sedimenta square emeraldry host rock ra square emeraldther tha square emeraldn in Igneous rock. The tectonic movements tha square emeraldt crea square emeraldted the Andes Mounta square emeraldins force the ra square emeraldw ma square emeraldteria square emeraldls of emera square emeraldlds\u2014beryllium, chromium, a square emeraldnd va square emeraldna square emeralddium\u2014found in the ground into liquid a square emeraldnd ga square emeraldseous sta square emeraldtes. These ma square emeraldteria square emeraldls, in such sta square emeraldtes, find their wa square emeraldy into cra square emeraldcks in the a square emeraldlrea square emeralddy sedimenta square emeraldry medium surrounding them a square emeraldnd then eventua square emeraldlly cool a square emeraldnd crysta square emeraldllize. A sa square emeraldline solution found in the sedimenta square emeraldry rock eventua square emeraldlly wa square emeraldshes out impurities such a square emeralds iron tha square emeraldt cloud other beryls from forming onto the crysta square emeraldllizing stone. This intrica square emeraldte process produces the emera square emeraldlds found in the mines of Colombia square emerald. An emera square emeraldld is a square emeraldctua square emeraldlly a square emerald beryllium stone tha square emeraldt owes its specia square emeraldl color to beryllium, chromium, a square emeraldnd va square emeraldna square emeralddium, a square emeraldll of which a square emeraldre chemica square emeraldl elements tha square emeraldt a square emeraldre very sca square emeraldrce, a square emeraldnd the rea square emeraldson for the color of a square emeraldn emera square emeraldld. Colombia square emeraldn emera square emeraldlds a square emeraldre much sought a square emeraldfter, a square emeraldnd not just beca square emeralduse of their superb qua square emeraldlity a square emeraldnd color. A gem's va square emeraldlue depends upon its size, purity, color a square emeraldnd brillia square emeraldnce. Even when they a square emeraldre mined in the sa square emeraldme a square emeraldrea square emerald, ea square emeraldch individua square emeraldl emera square emeraldld ha square emeralds its own unique look tha square emeraldt sets it a square emeraldpa square emeraldrt from the rest. Da square emeraldrk green is considered to be the most bea square emeraldutiful, sca square emeraldrce, a square emeraldnd va square emeraldlua square emeraldble color for emera square emeraldlds. An emera square emeraldld of this color is considered ra square emeraldre a square emeraldnd is only found in the deepest mines of Colombia square emerald.WE WELCOME YOUR QUESTIONS & COMMENTSTHANK YOU!AN EDUCATED CONSUMER IS OUR BEST CUSTOMER

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