Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Semi-precious necklacesmokey quartz, faceted labradoritesmokey quartz, faceted smokey quartzsmokey quartz, labradoritesmokey quartz, garnetsmokey quartz, hematitesmokey quartz, sterling silversmokey quartz, OOAK



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This OOAK piece is a smokey quartz 15" neckla smokey quartzce (interior dimension) with a smokey quartz bea smokey quartzutiful center fa smokey quartzceted la smokey quartzbra smokey quartzdorite penda smokey quartznt. The neckla smokey quartzce consists of fa smokey quartzceted smokey qua smokey quartzrtz, ga smokey quartzrnet, la smokey quartzbra smokey quartzdorite, a smokey quartznd hema smokey quartztite. The cla smokey quartzsp is .925 sterling silver. The colors of this piece a smokey quartzre very ea smokey quartzrthy a smokey quartznd ca smokey quartzn be worn yea smokey quartzr-round.This is a smokey quartz OOAK (one of a smokey quartz kind) piece a smokey quartznd will not be duplica smokey quartzted.All of our jewelry is ha smokey quartzndma smokey quartzde in our studio by Hea smokey quartzther a smokey quartzt Orga smokey quartznic Ea smokey quartzrth Studios.Rea smokey quartzd to ship!

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