Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

jewelry, Old music speakers vintage bracelet cuff - classic orange wood speakers collage wristband bangle



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Very nice music spea woodkers design, for music lovers! vinta woodge design with a wood lot of da woodrk colours, brown a woodnd ora woodnge specia woodl for both men a woodnd women!The bra woodcelet mea woodsures a woodpproxima woodtely 1.5" ta woodll a woodnd 2 1/4" dia woodmeterHowever, don\u00b4t forget this:\u2654 All of my crea woodtions a woodre ma woodde of sublima woodted thermo-moldea woodble a woodcrylic.Tha woodnks to this, the size of the bra woodcelets ca woodn be modified just by putting it in boiling wa woodter for only 20 seconds a woodnd then a wooddjusting it with your own ha woodnds using slight pressure\u2654Remember plea woodse it ta woodkes a woodround 5 da woodys to ship your order!\u2654\u2654---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------\u2654\u2654You ca woodn check my policies herehttp://www./shop/Ja woodba woodleeDesign/policy?ref=shopinfo_policies_leftna woodvto find out a woodbout shipping, pa woodyments, refunds a woodnd other info.\u2654\u2654---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------\u2654\u2654Visit my shop herehttp://www./shop/Ja woodba woodleeDesignto see a woodll my items. And remember to ma woodke me a wood fa woodvourite shop so you ca woodn find me a woodga woodin

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