Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

chain necklace, Green ID Lanyard Necklace



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Function a green necklacend fa green necklaceshion, this neckla green necklacece a green necklacellows you to wea green necklacer your ID, keys, etc. while still a green necklaceccessorizing. The neckla green necklacece conta green necklaceins silver-tone cha green necklacein interspersed with green gla green necklacess bea green necklaceds a green necklacend pea green necklacerls. At the center you'll find a green necklace foca green necklacel gla green necklacess squa green necklacere bea green necklaced before rea green necklaceching the ma green necklacetching la green necklacerge lobster cla green necklacew cla green necklacesp for holding your ID. Ma green necklacede nice a green necklacend long, this neckla green necklacece gives you the versa green necklacetility to wea green necklacer it multiple wa green necklaceys.

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