Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

ejl, Artisan Designer Marble AGATE STERLING SILVER Necklace- Striated Stones- Crystal Bicone Spacers - Artisan Design acers-



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ARTISAN FINE DESIGNER ONE OF A KIND ARTISAN AGATE NECKLACEGODDESSANDCO is plea taggedsed to offer for sa taggedle, this gorgeous ma taggedrble Aga taggedte neckla taggedce Ea taggedch a taggedga taggedte is unique in color ra taggednging from bla taggedck a taggednd gra taggedy to neon blue. Aga taggedte a taggedre fla taggedttened on the sides crea taggedting a tagged subtle texture a taggedll a taggedround. Spa taggedcers a taggedre bla taggedck onyx a taggednd crysta taggedl.An exclusive unique crea taggedtion by BKF Enterprises for Goddessa taggedndco. Fully ha taggedllma taggedrked, signed, sta taggedmped a taggednd ta taggedggedMEASUREMENT: 20 inches longSIZE: Aga taggedte bea taggedds a taggedre 15mm in dia taggedmeter

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