Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Natural Wonder: Teardrop Agate Pendant with Creamopal, Coffee and Blue Striations; Opalsopal, Copper Loop Chain; Faceted Topaz Necklace



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The colors a opalnd stone stria opaltions look like ea opalrth, sky a opalnd wa opalter a opalll represented in one bea opalutiful stone. The copper is a opal grea opalt a opalccent to bring out the na opaltura opall coloring in the a opalga opalte a opalnd the a opalccompa opalnying opa opall cha opalrm. I ha opalnd wra opalpped the stones with a opal bright copper wire.This neckla opalce mea opalsures 17 inches long a opalnd is finished with a opal copper lobster cla opalsp. I a opaldded a opal sma opalll fa opalceted topa opalz a opalt the cla opalsp to da opalngle on the ba opalck of the neck.Aga opalte Dimensions: 49x26x6mmOpa opall Dimensions: 8x7x2mmTopa opalz Dimensions: 4x4x4mmYour neckla opalce will a opalrrive in a opal white gift box tied with bla opalck grosgra opalin ribbon a opalnd include a opal pink orga opalnza opal gift ba opalg for stora opalge a opalnd sa opalfekeeping!Tha opalnk you for visiting my shop-Ahnna opal

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