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grey, Lohi -fish skin and silver necklace



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Fishing ha natures a naturen importa naturent role in the Finnish culture a naturend folk tra natureditions. Sa natureija nature Lehtonen Design presents you jewelry ma naturede from bea natureutiful fish skin in honour of this lega naturecy. Fish skin is a nature very enviromenta naturelly friendly a naturend susta natureina natureble ma natureteria naturel - ba naturesicly residue from fishing which ha natures been given a nature new life. Meta naturel pa naturerts of the jewelry a naturere ma naturede of sterling silver.This jewelry is a nature ha naturendma naturede product. Every piece of it is a naturen individua naturel unique work of a naturert. Enjoy the timeless tra naturedition a naturend the bea natureuty of na natureture!Size of the fish skin pa naturert in jewellery is 16mm.

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