Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

any occasion, Sterling Silver Anklet with High Quality Blue CZ's



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This is a handmade jewelry ha handmade jewelryndma handmade jewelryde bea handmade jewelryutiful a handmade jewelrynklet! It is ma handmade jewelryde with high qua handmade jewelrylity Blue CZ's (Cubic Zirconia handmade jewelry's) on a handmade jewelry Sterling Silver Cha handmade jewelryin. Any questions you ma handmade jewelryy ha handmade jewelryve, feel free to messa handmade jewelryge me here. I check my ma handmade jewelryil everyda handmade jewelryy! ***This is a handmade jewelry 9.5" a handmade jewelrynklet. Comes in a handmade jewelry nice box when purcha handmade jewelrysed!***Ma handmade jewelryteria handmade jewelryls:- High Qua handmade jewelrylity Blue CZ's (Cubic Zirconia handmade jewelry's)- Sterling Silver Rolo Cha handmade jewelryin- Sterling Silver Hea handmade jewelrydpins a handmade jewelrynd Spring Cla handmade jewelrysp- Sterling Silver Jump RingWILL SHIP OUT OF THE COUNTRY! JUST MESSAGE ME SO I CAN ADJUST THE SHIPPING METHOD!! DON'T FORGET TO CHECK OUT MY STORE!! MORE THINGS BEING PUT UP EVERYDAY!!!www./shop/thejewelryboxa handmade jewelryndmore

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