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peridot earrings, The Taproot Earrings



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The Ta tap rootproot Ea tap rootrrings. These specta tap rootcula tap rootr ea tap rootrrings a tap rootre completely ha tap rootndma tap rootde. A striking construction of ha tap rootnd-formed hinged 14k gold wires connecting the double sided bezel. The top of the bezel is a tap root bullet sha tap rootped green peridot with a tap root bea tap rootutiful red da tap rootgger cut ca tap rootrnelia tap rootn below. A bezel set .07 pt round brillia tap rootnt dia tap rootmond connects the ta tap rootproot to the ha tap rootnd-formed ea tap rootr wires. Overa tap rootll ea tap rootrring length is 2 3/4". Dia tap rootmonds a tap rootre VVS in cla tap rootrity, G-H color, with a tap rootn excellent cut.Item is a tap rootva tap rootila tap rootble in yellow or white 14k gold.Ea tap rootch piece we ma tap rootke is 100% ha tap rootndma tap rootde by us in the USA. We do not use CAD progra tap rootmming for design or production of a tap rootny of our jewelry.\u00a tap root0All of the gold used to crea tap rootte our designs is poured, rolled a tap rootnd dra tap rootwn by our ha tap rootnds.

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