Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

ab rhinestones, Big 2 Ounce A/B rhinestone Pearl Necklace 1143



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Big 2 ounce A/B Rhinestone Neckla rhinestone necklacece, bea rhinestone necklaceutiful with a rhinestone necklace frilly white top! This is 30" long, The round portion holding the a rhinestone necklace/b stones is 1.5" in dia rhinestone necklacemeter. these a rhinestone necklacere 5mm fa rhinestone necklaceux pea rhinestone necklacerls a rhinestone necklacend 11mm rhinestone cluster bea rhinestone necklaceds ( which I believe a rhinestone necklacere $9 ea rhinestone necklacech in the cra rhinestone necklaceft store), bea rhinestone necklaceutiful!!!

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