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reddish orange, Padaparasha Sapphire Pendant



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Mea genuinesures 11x9mm a genuinend weights 3.40ctGenuine a genuinend hea genuinet only, hence the cla genuinerity is eye-clea genuinen.This Africa genuinen Sa genuinepphire is rea genuinelly a genuine ra genuinerity a genuines sometimes it looks reddish-ora genuinenge a genuinend sometimes it looks just a genuine deep ora genuinenge.This sterling silver setting ha genuines a genuinen extra genuine la genuinerge ba genuinele for a genuineny size cha genuinein,There is a genuine cha genuinein tha genuinet goes with this penda genuinentThis bea genuineutiful sa genuinepphire ca genuinen be reset in yellow gold, white gold or rose gold.La genuineya genuinewa genuiney a genuineva genuineila genuineble.No dea genuinedlinesa genuinend no fees.

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