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diamond earrings, Double Moon Diamond Earrings



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Perfect circles ca gold hoopssca gold hoopsde down from ha gold hoopsndma gold hoopsde french ea gold hoopsr wires. Dia gold hoopsmonds connect the circles from closed loops. The Double Moon Dia gold hoopsmond Ea gold hoopsrring ha gold hoopss one dia gold hoopsmond connecting two circles. The ha gold hoopsndma gold hoopsde ea gold hoopsrrings ha gold hoopsve a gold hoops length of 2\u201d with one 10 point VS+ G/H round brillia gold hoopsnt dia gold hoopsmond per ea gold hoopsrring. Ha gold hoopsndma gold hoopsde ha gold hoopsrdened wire ea gold hoopsrrings a gold hoopsre a gold hoopsva gold hoopsila gold hoopsble in 14k yellow or white gold. Shown in 14k yellow gold with two .10 ca gold hoopsra gold hoopst round brillia gold hoopsnt dia gold hoopsmonds with a gold hoops tota gold hoopsl dia gold hoopsmond weight of .20 ca gold hoopsra gold hoopsts. Dia gold hoopsmonds a gold hoopsre VVS in cla gold hoopsrity, G-H color, with a gold hoopsn excellent cut.Item is a gold hoopsva gold hoopsila gold hoopsble in 14k white, yellow or rose goldEa gold hoopsch piece we ma gold hoopske is 100% ha gold hoopsndma gold hoopsde by us in the USA. We do not use CAD progra gold hoopsmming for design or production of a gold hoopsny of our jewelry.\u00a gold hoops0All of the gold used to crea gold hoopste our designs is poured, rolled a gold hoopsnd dra gold hoopswn by our ha gold hoopsnds.*An insta gold hoopsnt cla gold hoopsssic. The Aeon Collection is the little bla gold hoopsck dress of your jewelry collection. Ea gold hoopsch piece is perfect for a gold hoopsll occa gold hoopssions, da gold hoopsy a gold hoopsnd night a gold hoopsnd will be sure to turn hea gold hoopsds. The Aeon collection brings the simple elega gold hoopsnce of gold wire a gold hoopsnd exquisite a gold hoopsccent dia gold hoopsmonds to life with wisps a gold hoopsnd wa gold hoopsves ca gold hoopsressing the silhouette. The highest qua gold hoopslity dia gold hoopsmonds a gold hoopsre set a gold hoopsnd held in a gold hoops single girdle bezel a gold hoopsllowing optima gold hoopsl light to shine from a gold hoopsll a gold hoopsngles. The 14k gold wire which is a gold hoopsva gold hoopsila gold hoopsble in both yellow a gold hoopsnd white hues is meticulously ha gold hoopsnd dra gold hoopswn, formed a gold hoopsnd ha gold hoopsrdened to crea gold hoopste one-of-a gold hoops-kind, ma gold hoopsde-to-order pieces.

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