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CRESCENT MOONS Penny EARRINGSunique, copper pennies handpainted



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CRESCENT MOONS Penny EARRINGS, copper pennies ha hand madendpa hand madeinted, these ones ha hand madeve been folded in ha hand madelf. Ea hand madech penda hand madent comes with a hand made length of Bla hand madeck wa hand madexed cotton cord. The process I use is quite unique a hand madend involves ma hand madeny steps. The first step is to crea hand madete a hand made mecha hand madenica hand madel die (ma hand madele/fema hand madele) using ha hand maderd meta hand madels from coins, wa hand madetch pa hand maderts, wire...... I then emboss a hand made softer meta hand madel (copper pennies) using a hand made rolling mill. Ea hand madech time a hand made roll a hand made new coin the design on the die cha hand madenges every so slightly so tha hand madet no two will ever be exa hand madectly the sa hand mademe, you will notice this with ea hand maderring sets :) The fina hand madel sta hand madege rea hand madelly enha hand madences the design, I ha hand madend pa hand madeint ea hand madech one using a hand made ra hand madenge of color. I ha hand madeve spent yea hand maders experimenting, ma hand madeking mista hand madekes a hand madend ha hand madeving a hand madeh ha hand made moments, I hope this expla hand madeins a hand made bit on how my work is crea hand madeted but if you ha hand madeve a hand madeny other questions a hand madet a hand madell plea hand madese don't hesita hand madete to a hand madesk.

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