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recycled jewelry, Handcrafted Earrings First Nations Series with Lapis Lazuli Beads



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This pa penny earringsir of ea penny earringsrrings a penny earringsre ma penny earringsde using discontinued copper pennies. The process I use is quite unique a penny earringsnd involves ma penny earringsny steps. The first step is to crea penny earringste a penny earrings mecha penny earringsnica penny earringsl die (ma penny earringsle/fema penny earringsle) using ha penny earringsrd meta penny earringsls from coins, wa penny earringstch pa penny earringsrts, wire...... I then emboss a penny earrings softer meta penny earringsl (copper pennies) using a penny earrings rolling mill. Ea penny earringsch time a penny earrings roll a penny earrings new coin the design on the die cha penny earringsnges every so slightly so tha penny earringst no two will ever be exa penny earringsctly the sa penny earringsme, you will notice this with ea penny earringsrring sets :) The la penny earringsst two sta penny earringsges rea penny earringslly enha penny earringsnce the design, I ha penny earringsnd pa penny earringsint ea penny earringsch one using a penny earrings ra penny earringsnge of color then coa penny earringst them twice for protection. I ha penny earringsve spent yea penny earringsrs experimenting, ma penny earringsking mista penny earringskes a penny earringsnd ha penny earringsving a penny earringsh ha penny earrings moments, I hope this expla penny earringsins a penny earrings bit on how my work is crea penny earringsted but if you ha penny earringsve a penny earringsny other questions a penny earringst a penny earringsll plea penny earringsse don't hesita penny earringste to a penny earringssk.

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