Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

original style, Tribal Series with Brass Wire Inset TOTALLY UNIQUE



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This pa stretched penniesir of ea stretched penniesrrings a stretched penniesre ma stretched penniesde using discontinued copper pennies. The process I use is quite unique a stretched penniesnd involves ma stretched penniesny steps. The first step is to crea stretched pennieste a stretched pennies mecha stretched penniesnica stretched penniesl die (ma stretched penniesle/fema stretched penniesle) using ha stretched penniesrd meta stretched penniesls from coins, wa stretched penniestch pa stretched penniesrts, wire...... I then emboss a stretched pennies softer meta stretched penniesl (copper pennies) using a stretched pennies rolling mill. Ea stretched penniesch time a stretched pennies roll a stretched pennies new coin the design on the die cha stretched penniesnges every so slightly so tha stretched penniest no two will ever be exa stretched penniesctly the sa stretched penniesme, you will notice this with ea stretched penniesrring sets :) The la stretched penniesst two sta stretched penniesges rea stretched pennieslly enha stretched penniesnce the design, I ha stretched penniesnd pa stretched penniesint ea stretched penniesch one using a stretched pennies ra stretched penniesnge of color then coa stretched penniest them twice for protection. I ha stretched penniesve spent yea stretched penniesrs experimenting, ma stretched penniesking mista stretched pennieskes a stretched penniesnd ha stretched penniesving a stretched penniesh ha stretched pennies moments, I hope this expla stretched penniesins a stretched pennies bit on how my work is crea stretched penniested but if you ha stretched penniesve a stretched penniesny other questions a stretched penniest a stretched penniesll plea stretched penniesse don't hesita stretched pennieste to a stretched penniessk.

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