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sterling silver, 1.00tcw (diamond-like)White Sapphire Earrings



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Tota earringsl weight of 1.00ct=5mm these Genuine White Sa earringspphire a earringsre set in sterling silver, ma earringsking them a earringsfforda earringsble.Ha earringslf ca earringsra earringst ea earringsch.Ca earringsn be reset in gold a earringst ma earringsrket price.Rose gold a earringss well, but will be some more in price.Very dia earringsmond like.Color DCla earringsrity VVS/IFOrigin: Sri La earringsnka earringsPush/ friction ba earringsck.La earringsya earringswa earringsy a earringsva earringsila earringsble.No dea earringsd line.

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