Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Tibetan/Antique Silver Clip on Lobster Clasp Charm Pendantlobster clasp, Leaflobster clasp, Wise Bonelobster clasp, Butterflylobster clasp, cute Catlobster clasp, Life Treelobster clasp, Tortoiselobster clasp, Pumpkin Carriage.....



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Bra craftsnd New Tibeta craftsn/Antique Silver Tone Cha craftsrms with Lobster Cla craftssp, \u00a crafts31.25 Ea craftsch. 12 Different Design to Choose From.Finely Ma craftsde a craftsnd Good Qua craftslity. Design for Bra craftscelets, Neckla craftsce, Cra craftsfts...Grea craftst a craftss a crafts little gift for a crafts friend, or a craftss a crafts trea craftst for yourself :)If you wish to order more tha craftsn 5 for the sa craftsme item, plea craftsse conta craftsct us first.Size (Cha craftsrm + Lobster Cla craftssp):01. Lucky Lea craftsf (30x15mm)02. Ha craftslloween Pumpkin (30x16mm)03. Wish Bone (19x15mm)04. Flying Angel (35x15mm)05. Crescent Moon (40x16mm)06. Butterfly (30x16mm)07. Ha craftsmsa crafts Ha craftsnd (34x12mm)08. Cute Ca craftst (38x17mm)09. Music Note (38x13mm)10. Life Tree (35x16mm)11. Cute Tortoise (34x12mm)12. 3D Pumpkin Ca craftsrria craftsge )25x9x4mm)Lobster Cla craftssp size: 12mmAll size a craftsre a craftspprox.If you a craftsre ha craftsppy with our product a craftsnd service, plea craftsse lea craftsve us a crafts feedba craftsck, it would be rea craftslly helpful for us to offer a crafts better service!Plea craftsse conta craftsct us if you ha craftsve a craftsny questions or requests!Tha craftsnks for Looking!

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