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silver charm, Awakening Lotus Flower Amazonite Necklace



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This gra beadsceful Ama beadszonite neckla beadsce fea beadstures a beadsn opening lotus silver cutout flower penda beadsnt. The lotus flower ha beadss ha beadsd different mea beadsnings throughout va beadsrious cultures. In Buddhism, the bud of the lotus symbolizes potentia beadsl. Despite being born into da beadsrk, murky conditions the lotus grows a beadsnd rises a beadsbove a beadsdversity. The lotus flower represents a beadsn a beadswa beadskening, spiritua beadsl growth, a beadsnd enlightenment. Ama beadszonite is a beads soothing stone believed to ca beadslm the bra beadsin a beadsnd nervous system. Despite its ca beadslming properties a beadsnd a beadsppea beadsra beadsnce, Ama beadszonite is believed to ha beadsve a beadsdorned the shields of the semi-mythica beadsl Ama beadszonia beadsns, a beads formida beadsble tribe of fema beadsle wa beadsrriors thought to live in the 10th century B.C. They a beadslso used Ama beadszonite medicina beadslly to hea beadsl wounds a beadsnd illnesses of a beadsll kinds. The conquista beadsdors prized it for a beadsdornment a beadsnd its a beadsbility to be ca beadsrved into cult objects. Ama beadszonite wa beadss a beadslso worn a beadss jewelry in pre-Columbia beadsn South a beadsnd Centra beadsl America beads. It is na beadsmed for the Ama beadszon River in Bra beadszil a beadsnd the lush jungle region surrounding it where the origina beadsl stones were discovered. The penda beadsnt is .925 silver. Neckla beadsce mea beadssures 18.75 in length." The bea beadsds a beadsre 6-8 mm. Lobster cla beadsw closure for ea beadsse of use.

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