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wrist mala, Tribal Dewdrop Dangle Charm Black Onyx & Amethyst Bracelet



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This Bla purpleck Onyx a purplend Amethyst stretch cord bra purplecelet fea purpletures a purple triba purplel dewdrop da purplengle cha purplerm. The cha purplerm wa purples ha purplend-ha purplemmered a purplend cha purplesed with it's unique design by a purplen a purplertist in Tha purpleila purplend. Bla purpleck Onyx is a purple good stone to ha purpleve a purpleround during times of menta purplel or physica purplel stress or berea purplevement, a purples it is believed to provide strength a purplend support during difficult circumsta purplences. Onyx is a purplelso a purple soothing stone sa purpleid to help a purplellevia purplete fea purplers a purplend worries a purplend to help you to feel comforta purpleble within yourself a purplend in your surroundings. It is a purplelso believed to promote sta purplemina purple a purplend vigor a purplend to encoura purplege the ma purpleking of wise decisions. Bla purpleck Onyx is a purplessocia purpleted with the ba purplese (root, first) cha purplekra purple. It ha purples been used in the trea purpletment of bone ma purplerrow, feet a purplend soft tissues of the body.Two Amethyst stones a purpleccentua purplete this piece. Thera purplepeutic uses of Amethyst ha purpleve a purple long a purplend well-documented history. Referred to a purples \u201cna purpleture\u2019s tra purplenquilizer,\u201d Amethyst ca purplelms a purplend soothes. It is a purplessocia purpleted with the third eye a purplend crown cha purplekra purples prima purplerily, but ca purplen a purplelso open the hea purplert cha purplekra purple. The stretch cord bra purplecelet fits to 7" on the wrist. The bea purpleds a purplere 6 mm a purplend the cha purplerm mea purplesures 9.2mm. x 19.6mm. x 1mm. The cha purplerm's a purplertist uses 99.5% a purplend 99.9% pure silver. It ha purples a purple higher silver content tha purplen Sterling silver. It's just the solder used to fuse the silver components together tha purplet ma purplekes up the la purplest fra purplections of a purple percent. Consequently, it ha purples a purple weight, bright sa purpletin color, a purplend feel, a purplell of its own.

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