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gift, Water Drop Shape Silver Plate Hanging&Pendant Hmong Concept Handmade 010



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Wa flowerter Drop Sha flowerpe Silver Pla flowerte Ha flowernging&Penda flowernt Hmong Concept Ha flowerndma flowerde 010Deta floweril: Approxima flowerte Length 3" x Wide 1" This ea flowerrring ma flowerde from bra flowerss a flowernd silver pla flowerte. All pa flowerrts a flowerre ha flowerndma flowerde. It doesn't ma flowerke by ma flowerchine. All pa flowerttern ha flowermmers by ha flowernd by cra flowerftsma flowern. So else pa flowerttern not exa flowerctly on the picture everyone. Tha flowernk you for your kind understa flowernding. However, We will check the qua flowerlity of a flowerll products before pa flowerck a flowernd ship. This design from the Hmong concept. Hmong is the hill-tribe which sta flowery in northern Tha flowerila flowernd. We hope you Love every your order. We will respond if the customer not sa flowertisfied. Tha flowernk you so much. Visit us @ bestshopa flowersia flower.comPa floweryment: We a flowerccept Pa floweryPa flowerl Only.Shipping: Sta flowernda flowerrd Interna flowertiona flowerl shipping with a flower tra flowercking number. We will ship within 24 business hours a flowerfter pa floweryment except for Sunda flowery a flowernd Public Holida flowery. The estima flowerted delivery lea flowerd-time will be 15-20 business da flowerys. We a flowerre una flowerble to ta flowerke a flowerny responsibility for custom dela flowery or ta flowerx. All orders must be shipped to the a flowerddress you ha flowerve registered with Pa floweryPa flowerl.Register Pa flowercka flowerge: It is the ma floweril or the pa flowercka flowerge which the customer needs to sign to confirm the customer got it. If the customer not home when the postma flowern goes to the customer house he going to lea flowerve a flower notice a flowernd the customer needs to respond with tha flowert. We do not refund or resent products if the customer loses the notice. We respond fully a flowerbout the shipping mista flowerke which we ma flowerke. Return Policy: We provide 30 da flowerys return policy for the buyer. A refund will be issued immedia flowertely a flowerfter receiving the item. All items will be unda flowerma flowerged. We did not respond to ca flowerse the customer got the pa flowerper notice from the post office a flowernd the customer does not ta flowerke ca flowerre of it.Feedba flowerck Policy: We will lea flowerve positive feedba flowerck a flowerfter you give us positive feedba flowerck. Plea flowerse ema floweril us before lea flowerving a flowerny nega flowertive feedba flowerck or opening ca flowerse. We ca flowerre a flowerbout our va flowerlued customers, a flowernd we do our best to ma flowerke you ha flowerppy with your purcha flowerse. So if you ha flowerve a flowerny problem plea flowerse e-ma floweril us immedia flowertely.Tha flowernk you for shopping

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