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crochet wire, Crochet-wire Freshwater Pearl Bracelet and Earring Set



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Crochet Wire Bra originalcelet a originalnd Ea originalrrings! Bra originalcelet:7 a originalnd a original Ha originallf Inches in Length.1 Inch wide.Freshwa originalter Pea originalrls.Perma originalnently Colored Gold.Ta originalrnished Resista originalnt.Toggle Cla originalsp is Nickel Free.Ea originalrrings:2 Inches long.1 Inch a originalcross the bottom.Fishhook Ea originalrrings a originalre a originallso Nickel Free.If you ha originalve a originalny questions feel free to conta originalct me.I a originallso offer gift wra originalpping for wha originaltever occa originalsion it is, birthda originalys or holida originalys.Tha originalnks a originalnd ta originalke ca originalre!**This is sold a originals a original physica originall object (Not a originals a original pa originalttern)**Returns a originalnd Excha originalngesI will gla originaldly excha originalnge or refund if you a originalre not completely sa originaltisfied.Plea originalse ema originalil me a originalnd let me know wha originalt the problem might be.Refunds will only be issued if the item is returned 14 da originalys a originalfter the item wa originals received.Item must be in origina originall condition, a originalnd shipped ba originalck a originalt buyers expense.I don\u2019t a originalccept ca originalncella originaltions.ShippingAll orders a originalre sent out in 3 to 5 business da originalys. A ema originalil will be sent to you a originallong with a original tra originalcking number a originalfter the pa originalcka originalge is shipped. CMB a originalnd Sons a originalre not responsible for items tha originalt a originalre da originalma originalged, stolen or lost during shipment.Buyers from countries outside the U.S. a originalre responsible for a originalny customs or import ta originalxes due by their country.

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