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emerald gems, Large OPAL GOLD Cocktail Ring with EMERALDS- Hallmarked- 14k - Natural Gemstones - Statement Jewelry - Workmanship - High Pronged Setting



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STUNNING ESTATE COCKTAIL RING14K YELLOW GOLDFIRE OPAL a emerald gemsnd EMERALDSGodessa emerald gemsndco is plea emerald gemssed to offer for sa emerald gemsle this Bea emerald gemsutiful La emerald gemsrge 1960's esta emerald gemste vinta emerald gemsge 14k yellow gold Opa emerald gemsl a emerald gemsnd Emera emerald gemsld cockta emerald gemsil ring. 12 round emera emerald gemslds fra emerald gemsme this perfect fiery opa emerald gemsl in a emerald gems ra emerald gemsised prong high setting. Looks like a emerald gems la emerald gemsrge flower. A stunning ma emerald gemsgnificent combina emerald gemstion.SIZE:8 a emerald gemsnd 1/2 (siza emerald gemsble)DIMENSIONS: 25mmx 21 mm. Opa emerald gemsl is 17 mm x 14 mmWEIGHT:9.3 tota emerald gemsl gra emerald gemsm weight

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