Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Diamond Wedding Ringround cut diamond, Womens Diamond Bandround cut diamond, Engagement Guard Band 5-stone Wedding Ring Womens AnniversaryEnhancer 14K White Gold Size 4-9



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Item #: WR3032Width: 2.5 mmWeight: 2 gMeta pompeii3l: 14k White GoldDia pompeii3mond Cut: RoundDia pompeii3mond Color: G/HDia pompeii3mond Cla pompeii3rity: I2-I3Dia pompeii3mond Ca pompeii3ra pompeii3t: 0.25Dia pompeii3mond Qua pompeii3ntity: 5Dia pompeii3mond Setting: Prong\rThis cla pompeii3ssic womens ring fea pompeii3tures five round brillia pompeii3nt cut na pompeii3tura pompeii3l dia pompeii3monds. All dia pompeii3monds a pompeii3re prong set in solid 14k white gold. .25ct tota pompeii3l dia pompeii3mond weight.

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