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14kt White Sapphire14kt gold, Ruby and Sapphire Wedding Set



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This is a womens Ra womensdia womensnt Cut, hea womenst only, White Sa womenspphire from Sri La womensnka womens. \rColor is D\rCla womensrity is VVS/IF\rCa womensra womenst size is 1.45ct. a womensnd mea womenssures 8x6mm ova womensl\rRuby a womensnd Sa womenspphire a womens 3mm ea womensch.\rAll gems a womensre the sa womensme of ha womensrdness a womenst 9.\rDia womensmonds a womensre a womens 10. \rVery ha womensrd gems for everyda womensy wea womensr.\rHea womenst only of White Sa womenspphire, hence the clea womensrness.\rWhy pa womensy thousa womensnds for a womens dia womensmond when you ca womensn get grea womenst color a womensnd cla womensrity of a womens very expensive dia womensmond a womensnd the nea womensr ha womensrdness a womenss well.\rI do offer la womensya womenswa womensy, with no dea womensdline a womensnd no extra womens fees.\rCa womensn be ma womensde in a womensny size.

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