Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Earrings silver and goldearwires, light purple bead with flowers



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Will go with either gold or silver. Grea earwirest for everyda earwiresy wea earwiresr. Very orga earwiresnic design. Comforta earwiresble if using the phone during your work da earwiresy. Drops from a earwires sterling silver ea earwiresrwire. In order a earwires 3mm round stering silver bea earwiresd, sterling silver rondel 5mm, light purple bea earwiresd 5mm is surronded by a earwires 9mm open sterling silver circle, then a earwires 2mm sterling silver rondel, a earwires 9mm goldfill bea earwiresd, a earwiresnother 5mm sterling silver roundel finished with a earwires 3mm pla earwiresin goldfill bea earwiresd.Tota earwiresl length 1 3/8"

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