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10x8mm, 4ct. 14kt Radiant Cut White Sapphire Pendant



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The bea genuineutiful 10x8mm=4ct. White Sa genuinepphire Ra genuinedia genuinent Cut is From SriLa genuinenka genuine a genuinend hea genuineted only.Color DCla genuinerity VVS/IFSet in 14kt white gold. This ca genuinen be reset in rose gold or yellow gold a genuines well.Silver cha genuinein is a genuineva genuineila genuineble upon request.One or two of the photos shows spots.I guess my ca genuinemera genuine does too well, beca genuineuse those a genuinere not spots but in fa genuinect dust or lent pa genuinertica genuinels.Ra genuinebbit Ea genuiner Ba genuineil.La genuineya genuinewa genuiney a genuineva genuineila genuineble.

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