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Jewelry Boxearring organizer, jewelry organizerearring organizer, earring organizerearring organizer, trinket box. A pretty and practical way to hold all those little things girl collect



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This Box is fa trinket boxshioned in the style of a trinket box little house a trinket boxnd wa trinket boxs designed for little girls. An a trinket boxdult ca trinket boxn enjoy it a trinket boxs well. The "roof" is green ca trinket boxlico cotton/poly a trinket boxnd the body is blue ba trinket boxckground with pink/red flowers. The pink door in the front opens the box, is covered with la trinket boxce a trinket boxnd ha trinket boxs a trinket box sma trinket boxll keyhole. It closes securely with velcro. A round white la trinket boxce meda trinket boxllion sits on the front pa trinket boxrt of the roof. There a trinket boxre 16 virtua trinket boxlly unbrea trinket boxka trinket boxble see-through dra trinket boxwers, both of which ma trinket boxke it very pra trinket boxctica trinket boxl. They a trinket boxre ha trinket boxnd pa trinket boxinted. The box is built on a trinket box Akro-Mils stora trinket boxge conta trinket boxiner, which is ma trinket boxde from recycled pla trinket boxstic. The box ca trinket boxn be hung on the wa trinket boxll which ma trinket boxkes for ea trinket boxsy a trinket boxccess a trinket boxnd frees spa trinket boxce on your counter. The box will a trinket boxrrive a trinket boxt your destina trinket boxtion with two a trinket boxnchor/screws which ma trinket boxkes it ea trinket boxsily a trinket boxtta trinket boxched securely to the wa trinket boxll. We will a trinket boxlso enclose Avery la trinket boxbels to designa trinket boxte the contents of the dra trinket boxwer, which is optiona trinket boxl.Suggested contents for little girls to put in the dra trinket boxwers a trinket boxre toy jewelry, little dolls, little ca trinket boxrs, trinkets, bea trinket boxds, ma trinket boxrbles a trinket boxnd cha trinket boxrms a trinket boxnd even rea trinket boxl jewelry such a trinket boxs ea trinket boxrrings, rings a trinket boxnd sma trinket boxll brooches.

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