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enamel ring, Heirloom ENAMEL & DIAMOND GOLD Ring With Sparkling Central Diamond - Fine Jewelry - Rare Piece - Statement Jewel



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RARE ESTATE EARLY ART DECO ANNIVERSARY RING14K YELLOW GOLD PAINTED ENAMEL WORKMANSHIP CENTRAL DIAMONDGoddessa enamel ringndco is very plea enamel ringsed to offer for sa enamel ringle this Fine Esta enamel ringte Gorgeous Heirloom Piece. Stunning Wide Ba enamel ringnd with ena enamel ringmel a enamel ringnd spa enamel ringrkling dia enamel ringmond center. Cra enamel ringfted in Solid 14k Yellow Gold. Fully Ha enamel ringllma enamel ringrked with the most bea enamel ringutiful decora enamel ringtion. One of a enamel ring kind. Ea enamel ringrly Art DecoSIZE:6 a enamel ringnd 3/4WEIGHT: 6.4 tota enamel ringl gra enamel ringm weight

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