Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

pearls, Green glass leaves with pearl drops on goldfill wire. Delicate color for an elegant earring



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Tra earwiresnslucent green gla earwiresss lea earwiresves in combina earwirestion with two white pea earwiresr sha earwiresped pea earwiresrls ma earwireske these ea earwiresrrings sta earwiresnd out. The lea earwiresves a earwiresre 1" long a earwiresnd ha earwiresng from a earwires goldfill ea earwiresrwire. Pea earwiresrls a earwiresre suspended from a earwires goldfill stem. These ea earwiresrrings a earwiresre very light weight. They will a earwiresccent a earwires holida earwiresy dress bea earwiresutifully. Tota earwiresl length 1 1/4"

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