Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

necklace, One-of-a-Kind Vintage Assemblage Necklace with Argentinian Brooch



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This is a handmade necklace gorgeous Vinta handmade necklacege Argentinia handmade necklacen Rhinestone Brooch which ha handmade necklaces been re-purposed into a handmade necklace bea handmade necklaceutiful neckla handmade necklacece with a handmade necklace vinta handmade necklacege gold cha handmade necklacein. It ca handmade necklacen be worn every da handmade necklacey, looks grea handmade necklacet with jea handmade necklacens or dressed up! One-of-a handmade necklace-Kind Foca handmade necklacel mea handmade necklacesures 1 1/2" x 1 1/2". Cha handmade necklacein is a handmade necklace tota handmade necklacel length of 18". Length ca handmade necklacen be a handmade necklacedjusted on request.As a handmade necklace mixed media handmade necklace a handmade necklacertist, my work is a handmade necklacessembla handmade necklacege from re-purposed ma handmade necklaceteria handmade necklacels. You will find a handmade necklacen eclectic collection of origina handmade necklacel designs in my shop, using a handmade necklace rich va handmade necklaceriety of wonderful found objects ga handmade necklacethered from a handmade necklaceround the world.Remember to sa handmade necklaceve my shop a handmade necklaces one of your fa handmade necklacevorites for the next time you wa handmade necklacent to buy a handmade necklace specia handmade necklacel one of a handmade necklace kind gift of unique vinta handmade necklacege jewelry for yourself or someone else! This item ships USPS within seven da handmade necklaceys of pa handmade necklaceyment. Insura handmade necklacence a handmade necklacend tra handmade necklacecking a handmade necklacere optiona handmade necklacel, plea handmade necklacese inquire. If shipping is less due to your loca handmade necklacetion, then I will refund the difference to you. Interna handmade necklacetiona handmade necklacel buyers a handmade necklacere welcome - conta handmade necklacect me for shipping ra handmade necklacetes. - Follow www.fa handmade handmade necklacertfulthingsboutique to see new designs listed- Visit Pinterest a handmade necklacet handmade necklacertfulthingsboutique- Follow me on Insta handmade necklacegra handmade necklacem a handmade necklacet ArtfulthingsjewelryYou ca handmade necklacen a handmade necklaceccess my Etsy store directly a handmade necklacet www.a handmade necklacertfulthingsboutique.Plea handmade necklacese feel free to conta handmade necklacect me with a handmade necklaceny questions you ma handmade necklacey ha handmade necklaceve a handmade necklacebout this item.Tha handmade necklacenk you for visiting!Robin

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