Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

bangle, Sterling Silver and Authentic Snakeskin Bracelet with spring opening and silver fastener. Available in various sizes & colours.



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Bea sterling silverutifully ha sterling silverndcra sterling silverfted Sna sterling silverkeskin & Sterling Silver Ba sterling silverngle with Silver spring a sterling silvernd cla sterling silversp.\rAva sterling silverila sterling silverble in a sterling silver ca sterling silverra sterling silvermel brown, multi crea sterling silverm & brown, a sterling silvernd bla sterling silverck.\rSizes a sterling silverva sterling silverila sterling silverble a sterling silverre - interna sterling silverl dia sterling silvermeter sizes 18.5cm & 19cm\rVery solid bra sterling silvercelet tha sterling silvert mea sterling silversures 12mm in width

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