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charm, Rhodonite Bracelet with Om Charm



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This Rhodonite stretch cord bra yoga jewelrycelet fea yoga jewelrytures a yoga jewelryn Om cha yoga jewelryrm. Rhodonite gets its na yoga jewelryme from the Greek word \u201crhodon,\u201d mea yoga jewelryning \u201crose\u201d a yoga jewelrynd is believed to help wa yoga jewelryrd off nega yoga jewelrytivity. It ba yoga jewelryla yoga jewelrynces a yoga jewelrynd ha yoga jewelryrmonizes the hea yoga jewelryrt a yoga jewelrynd root cha yoga jewelrykra yoga jewelrys. As a yoga jewelry hea yoga jewelryling stone, it is sa yoga jewelryid to soothe the nervous system. The Om is a yoga jewelry Sa yoga jewelrynskrit symbol which is not ea yoga jewelrysily defined. Most simply sa yoga jewelryid, it represents the union of mind, body a yoga jewelrynd spirit.The bea yoga jewelryds mea yoga jewelrysure 6 mm a yoga jewelrynd it fits to a yoga jewelrypproxima yoga jewelrytely 7 inches on the wrist. The cha yoga jewelryrm is ma yoga jewelryde of silver pla yoga jewelryted pewter a yoga jewelrynd mea yoga jewelrysures 11 mm.

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