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beads, Red Aventurine and Bronzite Bracelet with Brass Om Charm



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This red a pewterventurine a pewternd bronzite stretch cord bra pewtercelet is a pewterccented with a pewter bra pewterss oxide pewter Om cha pewterrm.Red Aventurine opens the Root cha pewterkra pewter. It ca pewtern a pewterssist in crea pewtertivity, a pewternd help you to see the possibilities in new opportunities.The Om is a pewter Sa pewternskrit symbol which is not ea pewtersily defined. Most simply sa pewterid, it represents the union of mind, body a pewternd spirit.The bea pewterds mea pewtersure 8 mm a pewternd it fits to a pewterpproxima pewtertely 6.5 inches on the wrist. The cha pewterrm mea pewtersures 11 mm.

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