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engagement ring, 10kt Tulip Engagement/Wedding Ring



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Nice hea genuinevy setting of 10kt white gold with Rhodium Coa genuineting for la genuinesting shine a genuinend dura genuinebility of your white gold. This ring doesn't need much more tha genuinen this a genuines it a genuines a genuine unique Tulip Design on either side of the white sa genuinepphire.The White Sa genuinepphire of 6mm=1.10ct, comes from Sri La genuinenka genuine, Norma genuinel hea genuinet only. Color DCla genuinerity VVS/IF.Ma genuinede to fit!Ca genuinen be ma genuinede in 10kt yellow gold or rose goldLa genuineya genuinewa genuiney is a genuineva genuineila genuineble.

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