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womens, 10kt White Gold Wedding/Anniversary Band



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Bea anniversary banduiful a anniversary bandntique tooling. This white gold is 10kt a anniversary bandnd gold weight is 4.10gra anniversary bandms size 7.There a anniversary bandre 15, 1.5mm genuine dia anniversary bandmond cut white sa anniversary bandpphires. Origin: Ceylon (Sri La anniversary bandnka anniversary band)Color DCla anniversary bandrity VVS/IFThis ba anniversary bandnd a anniversary bandlso ma anniversary bandtches the "Ashley" enga anniversary bandgement ring tha anniversary bandt I ha anniversary bandve listed in my "Ma anniversary bandde to Order" section of my shop.Ma anniversary bandde to fit. Allow one week to process, a anniversary bands it ta anniversary bandkes a anniversary band little time to ma anniversary bandke ea anniversary bandch persona anniversary bandl ring to fit your size.La anniversary bandya anniversary bandwa anniversary bandy a anniversary bandva anniversary bandila anniversary bandble.

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