Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

white gold, 14kt White Sapphire Wedding/Anniversary Band



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La 14kya 14kwa 14ky a 14kva 14kila 14kble.Notice the la 14kst two photos a 14kre in a 14k da 14krker room a 14knd the sa 14kpphires still ha 14kve a 14kn a 14kma 14kzing shine!14kt White Gold, Rhodium coa 14kting to give protection a 14knd shine to your gold.This ring a 14klso ca 14kn be ma 14kde in 14k or 18k a 14knd Rose or yellow gold a 14ks well a 14kt ma 14krket price.Set with 5-3mm genuine white sa 14kpphires. These Sri La 14knka 14kn white sa 14kpphires ha 14kve such a 14k dia 14kmond like a 14kppea 14kra 14knce a 14knd shine. Why pa 14ky the price for a 14k dia 14kmond ba 14knd when sa 14kpphires a 14kre the perfect subsitute. Dia 14kmonds a 14kre widely over ra 14kted. Here is why.Dia 14kmonds a 14kre loved by a 14kll a 14knd the a 14kppea 14krs of a 14k somewha 14kt clea 14kr stone is most desira 14kble. Also Dia 14kmonds a 14kre the ha 14krdest rock on ea 14krth, being a 14k 10 on the Mohn sca 14kle. Sa 14kpphires a 14kre a 14k 9 on tha 14kt sa 14kme sca 14kle a 14knd ha 14kve bea 14kutiful clea 14krness a 14knd shine.So, why buy a 14k dia 14kmonds when you ca 14kn get the look for such a 14k low cost?La 14kya 14kwa 14ky a 14kva 14kila 14kble.Shipping fee includes insura 14knce.

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