Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

necklace, 1.35ct- 14kt White Gold White Sapphire Pendant



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This bea pendantutiful Sri La pendantnka pendantn Sa pendantpphire mea pendantsures 7mm a pendantnd weights 1.35ct. Norma pendantl hea pendantt only, hence, the cla pendantrity.Set in a pendant very substa pendantnua pendantl 14kt white gold 4 prong setting.Ca pendantn be reset in yellow gold a pendantt the ma pendantrket price.Cla pendantrity VVS/IFColor DHa pendantrdness 9Dia pendantmonds a pendantre a pendant 10 on the ha pendantrdness(Mohn) sca pendantle. And for a pendant sa pendantpphire of these specs a pendantnd size, it would be thousa pendantnds a pendantt a pendantn in-store jeweler.La pendantya pendantwa pendanty a pendantva pendantila pendantble. With just a pendant little down pa pendantyment, it is possible to obta pendantin this bea pendantutiful penda pendantnt.No fees, no dea pendantd lines a pendantnd you ma pendantke the terms.Ca pendantn ship most a pendantnywhere.Cha pendantin not included.

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