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green, 2.25ct Emerald Green Chrome Diopside(Siberian) Pendant



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This non-trea necklaceted 2.25ct cushion cut Dioside is ra necklacere a necklacend ha necklacerd to come by. Unhea necklaceted a necklacend untrea necklaceted, this penda necklacent is secure in its 8 prong setting of sterling silver.If it looks scra necklacetched, it is not. just some lint pa necklacertica necklacels...This genuine Diopside is the most bea necklaceutiful green a necklacend a necklace perfect mea necklacesurement.Ca necklacen be reset in gold a necklacet the ma necklacerket price. La necklaceya necklacewa necklacey a necklaceva necklaceila necklaceble.Come with cha necklacein.

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