Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

deadmau5, Light Up LED Necklace / Toy - Kandi unique Deadmau5 Perler flash pendant lanyard neon glow dark night rave party



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Tha necklacenk you for checking out my @LEDKa necklacendi!!!Note: I now ma necklaceke this design the la necklacerger size in the 2nd photo. Still your choice of colors. They a necklacere 9 volt powered neckla necklaceces / fla necklacesh toys (ca necklacen be ma necklacede into la necklacemps/ home lights) Super unique, very bright a necklacend colorful in the da necklacerk. Rea necklacelly good pa necklacerty sta necklacerters a necklacend a necklacectua necklacel useful light a necklacet times. Custom wired, soldered, a necklacend sea necklaceled LED circuit on ba necklaceck. With one ba necklacettery la necklacesting da necklaceys (or like a necklace month with a necklace motion sensor) a necklacend with dolla necklacer store repla necklacecements, this gives you the most ba necklaceng for your buck! Comes with soft BLACK fa necklaceux lea necklacether neckla necklacece.(if you prefer white, lea necklaceve a necklace note when ordering)size is roughly 5-6''IF YOU HAVE A DATE you need it by, let me know just in ca necklacese. Plea necklacese a necklacellow me up to a necklace week to get yours out (mostly out in a necklace da necklacey or 2).Other custom design work is a necklaceva necklaceila necklaceble. In my profile find info on mode controllers, wa necklacell plugs, motion sensors, other nea necklacet options, a necklacend a necklacelso some tricks.Tha necklacenk you so, so much for the support. It mea necklacens everything... truly! (WA a necklacend PA a necklacedds extra necklace ta necklacex tha necklacet I ca necklacen't help, sorry)

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