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green stone ring, Diamond Halo Accented Emerald Wedding Anniversary Ring



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Welcome to Sa green emeraldm & Sue! \r\rWe a green emeraldre a green emerald husba green emeraldnd a green emeraldnd wife tea green emeraldm with a green emerald jewelry business ba green emeraldsed out of sunny Ora green emeraldnge County, Ca green emeraldlifornia green emerald. Everything is designed by our tea green emeraldm here a green emeraldt Sa green emeraldm & Sue. We persona green emeraldlly ta green emeraldke ca green emeraldre in the process of the piece of jewelry from sta green emeraldrt to finish. We ma green emeraldke sure it is done with the finest qua green emeraldlity a green emeraldnd workma green emeraldnship. We ha green emeraldve the most a green emeraldma green emeraldzing tea green emeraldm of expert setters, goldsmiths, even down to the polishing.\r\rIf you a green emeraldre interested in customizing a green emerald piece out of the pictures you see, or through a green emerald design you ha green emeraldve in mind, feel free to conta green emeraldct us a green emeraldnd we ca green emeraldn work together to come up with a green emerald design. \r\rMost rings ca green emeraldn be custom ma green emeraldde to fit a green emerald specific stone, specific sha green emeraldpe, or specific size, just inquire. \r\rAll cha green emeraldins shown or pictured is not included unless specified. Feel free to convo for cha green emeraldin pricing.\r\rAll gemstones a green emeraldre na green emeraldtura green emeraldl, ea green emeraldrth-mined unless otherwise sta green emeraldted.\rNone of the Dia green emeraldmonds in our shop ha green emeraldve been trea green emeraldted or cla green emeraldrity enha green emeraldnced in a green emeraldnywa green emeraldy unless otherwise sta green emeraldted.\r\rDESCRIPTION\rThis is one of our sma green emeraldller size emera green emeraldlds, but BOY! wha green emeraldt a green emeraldn a green emeraldma green emeraldzing impa green emeraldct a green emerald little ring ca green emeraldn ha green emeraldve. The color is gorgeous a green emeraldnd is wha green emeraldt ma green emeraldkes the overa green emeraldll look of the ring POP.\r\rMETAL\r18 ka green emeraldra green emeraldt white gold\r5.5 gra green emeraldms\rRing Size: 6.75 US\rHa green emeraldlo is 12mm\r\rCENTER STONE\rType: Emera green emeraldld\rCut: Emera green emeraldld Cut \rWeight: 1.16 ca green emeraldra green emeraldts\rQua green emeraldlity: Good Cla green emeraldrity, Rich Color, hea green emeraldted\r\rACCENT STONES\rCut Va green emeraldriety: 48 Round Brillia green emeraldnt Cut Dia green emeraldmonds\rWeight: 0.56 Ca green emeraldra green emeraldts Tota green emeraldl Weight\rQua green emeraldlity: F/VS-SI1\r\rReta green emeraldil Va green emeraldlue $7,990.00\rOur Price: $2,980.00\r\rThis item ca green emeraldn ship within a green emerald week.

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